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UPDATE: The 2020-2021 school year holds changes and challenges for everyone. At Estrellitas del Mar, we view every interaction as an opportunity to reinforce safety, connection, and problem-solving through the use of Conscious Discipline, our social-emotional program.

Estrellitas del Mar, offers a play-based nursery and preschool program for children aged 6 weeks through 4 years old. Located on the picturesque island of Key Biscayne, Estrellitas del Mar has abundant opportunities both inside and outside to explore, play, and grow. Set back from Crandon Boulevard, there is a magical place where children use their imagination for pretend play in the playhouse area, open sand pit, tricycle track, and kid-sized garden.

Estrellitas del Mar has officially re-opened with programs for all ages! In addition to our traditional preschool and VPK programs, we are now offering a mixed-age classroom and homework help for K-3. Join the Estrellitas del Mar community by following us on social media: InstagramFacebook. We would love to meet you and your family; come in for a tour. With new Covid-19 measures in place, tours are by appointment only. We are located at 660 Crandon Blvd, #110 (near Winn Dixie).



Our mission is to change the world, one child at a time. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where children come to play purposefully, socialize with peers, and learn instinctively.

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At Estrellitas del Mar, we believe in educating the whole child - physical, social, emotional, cognitive - and building personal connections with each family.


Estrellitas Del Mar is a happy and safe environment which allows children to feel secure, engaged, and inspired. We foster the development of emotional resiliency and self-regulation through stable and committed relationships with each child and their family. Utilizing Conscious Discipline, Estrellitas del Mar teaches and provides the children with the skills and instruments to self-regulate, self-soothe, attend and process their experiences. By nurturing the whole child we support children in developing these skills so they can best use their innate curiosity to learn about the world around them. We believe in child-initiated and teacher supported learning through play.



Learning Through Play

At Estrellitas del Mar, the children develop their learning skills and build their knowledge as they play. We are committed to providing a positive learning environment for all children. We provide the materials children need to make discoveries and to connect the dots between what they know, what they wonder about, and what they want to discover. We join them on their journey, asking questions to help stimulate predictions, integrate learning and make knowledge their own.


Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive, self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning, school culture and discipline. It's based on brain research that indicates our internal states dictate our behavior. The goal is to create more emotionally intelligent, better equipped, and positive, healthy children.


The three core components of Conscious Discipline are Safety, through self-regulations, Connection, through creating a compassionate school family culture, and Problem-Solving, through changing the response to conflict. 



Infants through PreK-4


Infant & Toddler Programs

Starfish: Infants

Seahorses: Toddlers 

Flamingos: 2 Year Olds

Jellyfish: Mixed-Aged

Our trust-filled relationship with your child begins in our infant and toddler rooms. We support the children in building a sense of confidence by responding and reacting quickly to their natural cues. Comfort is offered through holding, talking, singing in a quiet reassuring voice, and by making eye contact.

Young children begin to learn the world around them by using all their senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste - to make observations. Our teachers expose them to multiple sensorial experiences with materials such as taste-safe paint, clay, sand, light and shadows and more. The classrooms have been tailored to help each child reach developmental milestones, from the color choices for visual development to classroom equipment for muscle strength. The children are also exposed to various large motor experiences to challenge themselves physically, both inside and outside. 


Preschool Programs

Crocodiles: 3 Year Olds

Whales: PK4- 4 Year Olds (VPK)

Sharks: Junior Kindergarten – 4 Year Olds (VPK)

Our relationship with your child continues as they progress into the early preschool years. Consistency is created through a daily routine where children experience a variety of planned and intentionally unplanned activities. Individual goals and objectives are created and tailored to each child’s developmental stage.

We emphasize character education. At this age caring, kindness, and empathy are explored as the children begin to create their own identity. It’s a small world, which is becoming smaller by the day. We teach the children about their global community and the similarities and differences of children near and far. The world is full of things to discover! We nurture their social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development through a collaboration of multi-modal activities.

Each child has a portfolio that follows them from infancy through junior kindergarten. The teachers use children’s curiosity and interests to plan activities. There are exposed to many hands-on experiences and learn through exploration. These experiences develop both fine and gross motor skills.

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Due to Covid-19 safety measures, this process has been updated. Please call us at 305-361-3437 or email us at for more information.




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